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So during the time I have used Fsecure, I have noted some very annoying problems and things this needs to have improvements in.


First of all: I have installed a software and immediately during the installation fsecure says it is a virus. Of course it is not, but fsecure still keeps thinking so. And there's no option in fsecure to allow that software, since it keeps deleting it. If I turn all protection off, I can install it but when turning them on again, the software gets deleted. So what I would like to have, is an option where fsecure stores all deleted software or something, and I could allow it from there. IT is very annoying to not have access to all these blocked applications. Of course I can see some blocked software and the list of which ones are allowed, but only few apps are in those lists. So fsecure needs more improvement in blocking and allowing software. Maybe it could ask first before completely deleting it?


Secondly is a thing that really needs a major improvement.

Lets say I have installed a software that I know is a virus. Fsecure doesn't detect it and the virus is roaming around my computer. There is NO way in fsecure to click on the software and say "this is a virus, block it." I really want an option to block some applications completely. Not an automatic service, I want to do it also manually in case something inflitrates my computer without fsecure noticing it. So as an add on to the previous suggestion, we need an option to block anything we want.


Third thing is a minor thing, but it would be nice.

I would like to have an option to right click any file and it would have an option "check this file for viruses." Many other antivirus softwares have this, and I would like fsecure to have it too.


I hope you hear out these suggestions and some improvement happens :)

BTW, if any of these already exists, be kind and tell me how to Smiley Tongue



  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    Number 3 certainly exists, and always has done. :)
  • I have never seen it. Is it an option to turn on or only for certain files?
  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you?  I'm talking about the right click context menu scan, where you can right click a file or folders, and one of the options is to 'Scan xxxxx.exe for Viruses and Spyware', or 'Scan Folders for Viruses and Spyware'.  I'm pretty sure that's present on all versions of F-Secure.  It may not work on some shortcuts, say, if it's a website shortcut on your desktop, but it works on pretty much everthing else I've just tried it on.

  • Oh wow I just realized that it actually is there. Never noticed before Smiley Very Happy It was hiding in the middle. Thanks for the tip. 2 more improvements to go!

  • baroque-quest
    baroque-quest Posts: 74 Enthusiast

    #2 makes no sense.


    First, how do you know it is a virus, and if you know that, why did you install it?


    Second, how would you select it? Do you expect F-Secure to provide a list of all running processes and if so, do you think it will be easy to choose it from the many normal ones? Processes have ridiculously esoteric names, as a rule.


    P.S. If you install something you believe is a virus, immediately return the OS to a restore point created before the malware invasion. Then run a full system scan using F-Secure, look in Program Files and Program Files (x86) for entries beginning with your virus-name and delete them, download, install, and run CCleaner (both registry and cleaner), and download, install, and run a full system scan using Malwarebytes.

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply, but maybe with another two points... can be helpful (?! or enough) next things:



    -> https://analysis.f-secure.com/

    F-Secure SAS, where you able to get response about samples/files.

    Such as.. if there false-positive - you can to upload it... and detection should be dropped.

    If you think... "clean" file can be a malicious file - you able to transfer it for analysis and get response about "situation".

    And other variants about points, when need to work with files (false positive or false negative situations).


    -> List of exclusions for Real-time Scanning and for Manual scanning.

    It's two different lists under main settings.

    You able to add folders/files and it should be whitelisted for F-Secure. Potentially it's can be as "prevention" and can be a workaround during wront detection time. But maybe it's can be with various "view" and based on "sample"-source.
    Also there should be settings about "what need to do.. when something malicious was detected" and can be as "manual handle" or just report and etc.
    But if you talk about "pre-installing" detection and removing. So.. maybe it's not work there. But with latest versions of F-Secure (or with some of future releases) will be design, where you able to "skip" scanning/check before installing. But if there something detected anyway (such as... during check for conflicts or other).... so maybe it's indeed better to remove.



    Also.. with context-scan string. Not sure... that it's available on current time with stable-release, but maybe soon it will be as stable-feature (?!).

    For modern systems - it should be already with "picture" - so will be more visible, than before. :)


    Sorry again for my reply.


  • Well what I mean, is the ability to for example right click a program and there would be an option to block it. Or if you could browse any file in fsecure and block it. That would be useful not only for possible viruses, but to block useless programs that still need to be installed.
    And a whitelisting for folders for the real time antivirus would be a good thing. That way I could allow them to not get detected as viruses.
  • Right now, if I get a virus on my system and I clearly know it ia coming from a single folder, there is no way to block it. I would like an option to do so. Since if I truly get infected, theres not much I can do.
  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,617 Superuser





    Yes, it's can be a good feature. But maybe it's something, which can not be with greatest design around.


    Just about your experience..... if you get something suspicious/malicious.... F-Secure can to do next things:


    -> To Clean file (not always work).

    -> To Remove file (you can to remove it manually too; Will be same result);

    -> To Quarantine file (potentially... your dreams can be about "option for manual adding for quarantine");

    -> To Ignore file and same things.


    Most of steps.. you can to do manually - if it's known for you... which file or folder should be with actions.

    And also.. anyway - better to use F-Secure SAS and transfer sample, because... with that background.. it will be helpful for all F-Secure Users... because if there malicious file.... will be created signature and it's helpful for all F-Secure users.

    Just with local block-listing.... it will be "local".


    But indeed.. can be often.. helpful.



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  • MatrixLeader
    MatrixLeader Posts: 29 Observer

    What you are trying to do is not a normal user experience by any means. I understand if F-Secure was a mediocore antivirus, you would like to mark some files as unsafe and hence block them since it may have blocked them. BUT F-Secure will never miss a virus!


    Did you even take a look at the AV Comparatives and AV-TEST results? It is one of the best security solutions out there so your suggestion makes no sense. Sorry





  • baroque-quest
    baroque-quest Posts: 74 Enthusiast

    First, my suggestion was in regards to F-Secure Search (https://search.f-secure.com/) which has nothing to do with F-Secure AV or IS. F-Secure Search is a partnership with Google which either makes F-Secure money or allows it to include Google's engine in exchange for ad placement.


    Second, F-Secure, like all anti-virus products, cannot stop malware for which there is no signature, i.e. zero-days. F-Secure can and will continue to miss zero-days.


    Third, I read AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives, as well as PC Mag's Security Watch. Yes, F-Secure is highly rated in those tests and has been for years. I also read Krebs On Security and other security blogs which report on a regular basis on zero-days and how PCs are infected via phishing. Even add-ons like EMET and MBAE are sometimes penetrated. If F-Secure was an impenetrable malware shield, your users would not be adding EMET, MBAE, and other exploit protection.


    P.S. Send an email to Brian Krebs at Krebs On Security and express your opinion that F-Secure is capable of stopping all malware, including zero-days, but you might want to pass it by Mikko first.

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