SAFE will not install on Windows 7; also anyone know how to get F-Secure Rep to chat with you?

Having 2 problems; Getting anyone from F-Secure to chat with me and Installing SAFE on Windows 7. The installation will get through 25% of the "checking the compatibility of your software" and it always errors with "could not download all the installation files". It always stops at the exact same spot! I have done a complete uninstall of the old F-Secure 2011 and the crap the previous unsuccessful attempts of the SAFE installation left behind (or at least I think I have)....How do I get this to load???


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    Have you used the Uninstallation Tool? If not, I suggest you try that, then reboot and retry the installation:
  • After using the Uninstall Tool like Simon Suggested, reboot then if it doesn't work, try to download this updated Online Installer. When it asks for your key, it would then download the proper version for you (as in, either the Anti-Virus or SAFE)
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    Good thought. :)
  • Tried that before posting.....Smiley Sad

  • I tried the un-installer tool and selected F-Secure to email me the installer both before posting. I'm resuming the tool they emailed me would be the same as to the link. Regardless, it never gets far enough for me to put in any license key numbers and will always error at the same location. Anyone know where I can download ALL the software needed first and then run them individually?

  • Also, how do you get an F-Secure Rep to chat with you? Everyting I try and Chat I sit for 10-15 min's and someone on their end closes my session. I have sat for hours trying to get someone on their end to Chat without any luck. Does F-Secure have a 800 number for Tech Support in the US?

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    So, just to confirm, you're trying to install this via your SAFE portal, yes?  Thinking about it, I'm not sure that the installation link posted above will work, as that is for Internet Security /  Anti Virus, which is different to SAFE.  You need to install SAFE via your SAFE portal.


    Unfortunately, Chat doesn't seem to be all that reliable, given the feedback we've received here, but bear in mind, they only work business hours, so it probably won't be available at weekends anyway.

  • The chat works one out of 10 times when I tried and when it did work I had to wait for like 20 mins before I got a support agent.

    F-Secure really should look at Norton's Chat, instant connection and they will connect to your PC if needed and help you solve any problem.
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