Question about 50% discount offer i received in January 2015



I was one of the lucky ones who got to participate in using/testing the Freedome beta version for pc.

About two weeks ago i got email that i have the possibility to get -50% discount from the 1-year, 3 device license. So far i have really liked the software (been also using the trial on my android device).


So, the question is - i still have about a month left on my trial on the pc version of Freedome, how long will the offer i received via email (for the half price discount) be available? Just wondering if i still have to time to keep using it for the rest of the trial before purchasing? I'm pretty sure i will grab the offer, but i sill would like to keep testing it for the remainder of the trial just to make sure if i possibly come across something that will make me not to buy it.


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