Rescue CD Needs Wifi


I just wanted to submit some feedback concerning the F-Secure Rescue CD. I like how simple it is to use, but most of the people I help bring me laptops with built-in wireless adapters.


My recommendation is that the system ask you to choose an available wifi network and allow you to connect to that. Such as my office wifi. That way it can download the latest definitions prior to scanning.


Currently it appears that it relies on a connection to the back of the machine directly.


Just some food for thought.


Thank you.


  • Finlander

    just blug in RJ45 Smiley Very Happy
    No need for wifi in rescue CD :)

    There is also devices on market that can capture wifi and transform it back to RJ45 (LAN connection)  I use one of Buffalos products and it works flawless...
    It even makes own LAN subnet for mashines that are connected to it so viruses cant access to my home LAN network Smiley Wink

    Think this through... Do you really want to connect some sasser infected pc in your local network that is thrusted to all connected PC:s? Smiley Wink


    Interesting, so even though the system is in a pre-boot environment, there's a chance that the virus could spread to other devices?


    My main concern and reason for wanting Wifi is so that the software can download it's necessary updates, but is it possible that if I just redownload the image that it will contain all the latest definitions, or will it still need to update?