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I get 75% packetloss constantly when Im connected to the swedish server, and this is constant....Ive been doing tests 4 times per day for 2 weeks and I keep getting exactly 75% packetloss at all times.


This problem disapears after disabling the Freedome vpn protection for windows.


Ive tried to uninstall and reinstall Freedome for PC but the problem is always there.

Since this problem seems to be related  to the freedome vpn program itself, is there any way to erase all traces of previous installations of freedome before attempting to reinstall it?


I want a clean install.


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    That is indeed an abnormal behavior. I'll contact you by Private Message  with further instructions.

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    Sorry for the delay in the reply.

    Our team is still investigating your case. The logs show some ping failures.

    Could you tell us however how the packetloss ratio is calculated?


    Some "ping services" on the web, are not always very trustworthy. If you are using those, it is likely that our gateway would consciously limit them as those can be seen as attempting DOS attacks.


    Could you try with Freedome Off to  open the command prompt and type "ping".

    Or ping -t to ping for a longer test period. You can stop it with CTRL-C

    Then do the same thing with Freedome On.


    Could you then share the results?


    Our Swedish servers are working nicely, and there are currently no sign that any of them would be failing.

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