TP131 Windows Client Release

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FS Protection PC Release 131


  • Common Component Framework 2.31 build 283
  • Antivirus 14.131 build 100
  • Browsing protection 2.131 build 3203

New features
Browsing Protection:

  • Limiting computer usage by specifying the hours that children are allowed to use the computer.

Fixed issues

  • Missing icon in upgrade dialog (CTS-95846)
  • While upgrade is ongoing, "Postpone" button is available, but does not postpone (CTS-95831)
  • FS Protection login from client does not work over HTTP proxy (CTS-95871)


  • Windows firewall setting has a shield icon (CTS-95834)

Browsing Protection:

  • [Firefox] Renamed default profile causes extensions failed to install (CTS-95815)
  • Localhost bocked during banking protection mode (CTS-95844)
  • Banking protection flyer is in the way / it's too big (CTS-95599)

Removed functionality

  • Clean file download flyer feature has been removed. It is possible that this feature will return in the future with usability improvements.



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  • Simon
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    All installed nicely.  I like the way the Banking Protection flyer now hovers above the browser window.  thumb.gif


    One thing I might suggest is to include a minimise button on the program loading screens?  I know you can 'X' them away, and the upgrade process only takes a couple of minutes, but it's unusual not to be able to minimise installation screens, so that thay are out of the way, but you can still monitor the installation process.

  • Simon
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    Oh, and the other thing is, the time limiting feature in Browsing Protection - is this still dependant on Windows user account settings?

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.. just decided to place there some dreams after experience with upgrade for one of machines.


     -> Maybe it's not related and there something another, but it's looks like that interface (?! windows) start be with a little be another "base/background". Such as... now it maybe can be more speedy (?!), but..... visible with lags (?!).

    Maybe it's just related with my machine.

    But same "lags" was before about installation's dialog with Privacy/License Terms and Help/About (for example). And with recent changes.. there was drop-status for current "lags" (?!). And now.. I feel something same with UI already. But also there maybe more "quality"-variant of "menu"-places (time about scheduled things or variants of decision).


     -> I'm not sure.. that it's related with current TP-version, but does next points goes be dropped (?!):

    On current time (and with one of my devices) missing pop-up/notification about disabled Real-time Scanning or Firewall.

    Such as.. there just default windows alert, but dropped prompt/pop-up/flyer by F-Secure with option about "Turn ON", which was there before. And also current "situation" (disabled Firewall or Real-time scanning) does not go to be placed under Notification list (timeline).

    Main UI still show "disabled" status, of course.


     ->  About new feature.... "Time Limit's Device". Not about another things, but about one of points.

    Probably release-notes have already meanings around this situation, but it's just as "something not critical".


    Anyway - can be a critical (or can be another realization)... that when we can to trigger Task Manager (Ctrl+Del)....  with my one of devices (outdated, but maybe it's will be same for modern systems too) it's also means "triggered taskbar"?

    When we have "taskbar"... we can just to use "show desktop"... and we can to use system (with "minimized" block page). Probably for current thing not required administrators right (if extend-feature based on administrator's right) and without any restricted points.

  • Ville
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    The minimize button is in our backlog but low priority.


    The time limitation is indeed tied to user accounts. It's a more strict version of limited browsing time. It's also aimed at smaller children and we know many ways to get around it at the moment, but let's see what beta users can find. Smiley Wink




    Those sound like bugs, please report them through




    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • Ukko
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    Just upgraded second machine with FS Protection. So... just can to say also:


    -> About "Real-time scanning and Firewall" with disabled (or during disabled-step) status.... same situation with previous TP.
    Maybe it was dropped before, but not sure.. that it was under release-notes (?!).

    But it certainly was as feature (disabled-status for Firewall/Real-Time Scanning goes to trigger prompt/flyer with option "turn on" and current situation goes be placed under notification history). Maybe it's just with outdated systems.... goes be not valid on current time. Anyway - I goes to create fsdiags from current machines maybe.


    -> With "lags" and "UI"....

    Current device looks like more normal, than another one. But... I thought about potential changes.... just because there certainly changing about "menu"-realization. And with current devices.... "lags"-point can be too, but not so visible for me.... anyway... current "meanings" I can to name something as:


    "if we place window under another window.. and window have any action.. can be visible "place" under both windows or place from another window". Such as.... can be explanation about "processor to much slow" and it's not available to normal create visualisation.
    But something same was with any my devices.... and about "installation" step about dialog with Terms and "Help" as "another window" for example.


    -> With new feature.

    So.. it's work with "Task Manager - Taskbar - Show desktop" design for Restricted account too. So it's available to use normally system... after that. But also it's about outdated machine. Maybe with modern it's can be another view, but not sure.

    But there can be funny point.  By normal... design steps.... there simply not available to use "extend time" under restricted account (?!). Extend time button without any results for creating new window (which can be under Administrator account).

    Such as.. restricted account have to "sign out"... and just Administrator account.. can to fix it... with re-changes settings back to "default" - because not available to extend time as remote-step also?! It's mean stuck for restricted account (by design use).


    OR something same. Sorry for new reply with strange explanation and hard to understand descriptions.



    Sorry Smiley Sad for new reply.

  • mcair
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    my fs protection is fully functional but it has a messasage it has expired , my fs protection web site says I got 26 more days ,what is happening?

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