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I have my own domain that I am basically using for the family email. I have been hosting it on gmail, now on outlook (still using free live domains that is not supported anymore, so I cannot add or manage users). There is no way I am going back to gmail and any USA based email company is a subject to suspicions.

I was wondering if there are any email hosting companies in Europe that are trustworthy? Maybe some that promise automatic server side content encryption? The one with no adds. Obviously, I am looking for the price that is for my small (max 10 users) needs and can host custom domain emails.




  • Simon
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    Here's a couple of UK based hosting companies which offer email packages:




    Both of these are well established companies, so should be 'trustworthy', but you'll have to check to see if what they offer meets your requirements.  :)

  • Tridy
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    Thanks for the links.

    However UK is out of my list of trustworthy areas, I think what I have left is Finland and Switzerland. And a service like (the prices for using own domain and prices per month is something that purchasing an external ip and running a tiny computer just for that would cover within a year or so).


    I think I will re-visit enigmail, and see if it is possible to arrange it for all the devices I use email on.


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