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1- Please tell me why I can't see the Freedome Antivirus beta app anymore in the google play store.

2- One device already has this app and seems working perfect, almost one month is remaining... what should I expect at the end..? free renewal, subscription, or I have to install the main app and subscrive? How many devices for a user does the subscription allow?

3- I have a new Acer Iconia tab 8 device. This VPN app as well a few others I tried block the internet connexion... no more internet works and no pages open... Furthermore, the traffic in the app that is showing is pretty high (almost 1 GB per 3 to 10 min)... That is strange???

Please answer all points to help me and help others.



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    Hello JJ_Ca,


    To answer your questions:

    1) If you mean Freedome VPN android Beta program, please refer to this thread.


    2) Concerning the subscription plans available, you can refer to the product home page.


    3) Do you have that on every location you try to connect with? 

    What kind of network do you use when the problem occur?

    Which applications are reporting no internet connection?

  • JJ_Ca
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    Thank you, Ben.

    Please allow me to understand more as I like this app a lot.

    1- So do you mean by the end of the trial period (if that beta app is already installed), it will totally expire and I will have to install the normal/standard app for VPN android Freedome?

    2- Do I have to buy separate plans if the devices are windows and android? or "devices" packages may include any sort of device.

    3- I am connected over a wifi. The same as an android phone is connected to and which been running the beta freedome since a while. The android device not working with the app is Acer iconia tab 8, a new one.

    no internet connexion at all. Also the freedome app shows (as well as many other VPN apps I tried) a high traffic (for example 1 GB every 10 min... even if nothing is running in the background).

    Best wishes

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