Does anyone here trust their Government or Law Enforcement anymore at all?

Enfcmedic384 Posts: 181 Enthusiast

Now that we have seen the tip of the iceberg of what Snowden has revealed they are up too. Can we even had trust especially my Government the US or your own local one. Can you trust your local or higher law enforcement? If the situation now is that they of course have always had the technology but they are given care Blanche with no oversight. I feel sometimes I just want to get a 24 terabyte Network Attached Storage. Then fill it with Katy Perry photos and when they try and use that against me. I just will say I really like her. It will actually only be about 100 photos plus her albums in .one format. I am just going to use such a high bit rate encryption that the next 23.8 gigabytes is bloat from the algorithm's size. I know this is not possible to do in real life but sometimes you just can not get your Freedom back. Thank God for F-Secure. You have some tools and you have a voice that you can ask them for help with. Thanks Mike and team. In closing do you trust anyone anymore? I certainly do not? Can I just see your files for a sec.... hhhmm... NO. Those pictures are of my family not yours Thank you very much.






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