what about changes in time on both my Android tablet and my Windows 8.1 PC ?


My clocks keep changing on my Android tablet and my PC with F-stop really and Freedom installed. I do not know if this is Mal ware or some other exploit. I would be more than happy to send as detailed a report to F-Secure labs if someone from the labs can help me with an address. I will even DHL you my Laptop,Mac,Windows Personal Computer or Android tablet. I have gone F Secure safe and this is Rich Walston again after my never ending map ware experience. Let me know F-Secure if you want to know more. I use a Samsung Tablet with Kit Kat and a Windows Personal Computer running Windows 8.1


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    Thanks so much for the kind reply Ben. Everything is fine now and I know what you are talking about on desktop pics and macs. If you take out the lithium ion batteries that definitely resets even a bios password I think. I think whatever was related to this strange router at home. It keeps dropping it's signal. I think in order for a process of elimination to finally end this I will just get a new one. If anyone has any good but very cheap ones that you or others could recommend I would totally appreciate it. The best router I ever had was a one called a W r t G 54 it could be flashed with DD W R That made that router more powerful than anyone I have had since. Thank you so much Ben for your super kind reply and I do hope it is the bad router.  Rich

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