Antivirus or VPN application for Xbox one or Ps4?

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Gamers when they go against someone are such horrible people that they sometimes practice Swat ING in the U S A. A VPN for your console to make it untraceable would be terrific.  The losing gamer in swat ING for those that do not know will actually locate where you are. Then call the police and say something horrible enough is going on at your house to get a swat team there. This is how vindictive these people are and or crazy. F Secure's Freedom tech would be great against people like this. It also includes anti-virus so since one console I have is ahem Microsoft ahem..... It also includes a Camera which I love also. Then again F Secure recommendations are clear cover them all when not in use. I am obsessed with taping my little sister and her friend's I phones cameras and laptop cameras with black electrician's tape. They always ask me why? In the US someone took pictures of his tenants like this he got a little prison for this. I am sorry for such a long post but I had these ideas in my head for awhile.



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    You can get the Sense router now, and it will have a VPN feature very soon. It is a great value because there used to be only one other company that makes a product for the Internet of Things. That is one company that I trust besides F-Secure. The biggest deal is F-Secure is always better, but also that device maxes out at 100mbps per second for the internet traffic volume analysis. I watched the F-Secure sense videos, and one of the reps on the Youtube videos stated that the F-Secure SENSE router will give you now slow down until probably one gig per minute of internet traffic.


    That is not only incredible for gaming and amazing high bit rate media streaming, but the Technical specifications are no joke on the speeds. You can find all the information about it on F-Secure's website. I first want to clarify that I am not paid nor in any way affiliated with F-Secure as a company. You can search for SENSE up top, or you can go the direct link right here below my post.