Freedome Safe Browsing Protection


How does the Freedome Safe Browsing protection differ from, say, a 7 layer SOHO Unified Threat Management (UTM) device such as a Zyxel USG60 with their Total Security bundle?    Total Security includes Kaspersky AV, Application Intelligence and IDP, Content Filtering, and Anti-spam.


I am considering buying a SOHO UTM, but I would strongly prefer not to have to configure and manage yet another piece of hardware.  I'm looking to protect 6 PCs, and a handful of Android and iOS devices.  I would greatly prefer buying 7 Layer protection through a VPN with strong anti-malware.


Please explain how and where the Freedome Safe Browsing protection would be different from a Zyxel.  If I can learn that, I might prefer to sign up for Freedome.

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