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my computer had a lot of malware and I had to have it repaired it cost me £80 to have it repaired. I have fsecure for ther last 14 months so my computer should of been protected and it wasn't. i'm very unhappy with this as paid for fsecure as protection for my computer and it failed. also I reported this problem by live chat and phone and no one got back to me.so angry as fsecure shouild of done it's job and all i'm getting is nowhere with them. i rang and they said you need to ring another num,ber thye gave me 6 different num,bers and each person gave me an excuse, then was told the manager was going to call me and that was 2 days ago. 


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    Sorry for my reply.

    Not nice story. If you still with trying to find something about Support by F-Secure.

    Maybe current page can be helpful: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support/support-request


    If you without experience about current steps for create ticket/get response from F-Secure Support.

     Time to time it's can be just one normal variant to get response or support.


    Also about your situation with malicious software....  can be situation, when F-Secure should detect it - but required Full Scan for that (and not just real-time scanning or on access... if there not active malicious software examples). Also can be.... when detection by another solutions can be not really "malicious" detections. And just about "potential unwanted" or "riskware" or something that.


    If you have any logs (or detection-names) - it's can be helpful... if it's can be actual for understand.. if there indeed F-Secure should to detect it.


    Sorry again for reply.

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