FS-Protection iOS - Intended use and thoughts


I have installed FS-Protection on my iPhone and been goofing around for about an hour now. The thing is I can't really figure out the intended use of this software. Is it supposed to be running in the background, protecting the whole phone, or is it only active if I use the built in browser? Is it a browser, that is.


Other thoughts.

I am currently using F-secure KEY and I have a SAFE account, a younited account, aswell as a community account (obviously).

The thing is, I have lots of accounts. Would it not be simpler to collect all these services under one account (and one URL!) with a simple overview of linked services etc, that is reachable from the f-secure.com front page 'Log in' button. I find it a little confusing from a user perspective.


Just some thoughts.


  • icePOD
    You start the app and browse from within it. The read me file is a short read, too short. The app is watching websites mischief. A very common and rotating event. Such so that to me it makes security sense for f-secure to require multiple seperate logins.

    The app has a small "diagnosis" area for jail broken and
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