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Any affect on data plan over allowance fees where wi-fi not availabe?


Seperate history from cookies and cache cleanup.  Not always neccesary to dump history for error fix and may hesitate users from proceding when history folder is needed (in use with multiple researched sites during haste makes waste symposium time restraints.


during install the Select platform screen occurs on the small screen where continue button isn't a smooth operation without a scroll downward


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    Although just finished playing several games of solitaire, apparently bumped voice memo after hit bottom iPhone button to close solitaire and set down, noticed the screen so bottom button again then checked usage where I found neither app (solitaire, voice memo) listed however this f-secure app is listed as using the most battery power (58%) although hasn't been the app with the most usage in past 24 hours.

    Unfortunately the app is not able to tell me why the iPhone has issues with the speakerphone (ever since an update a few updates back) which issue improved with the very recent iOS and carrier updates (and slightly with previous iOS update(s)) but yet unresolved. Also unfortunately the app is unable to determine the issue causing the toggle for limit ad tracking to turn off. Until today since installing the app I hadn't seen the toggle issue reappear. Also unfortunately the app is unable to determine the issue causing inability for iPhone to utilize wi-fi. Although it appears to connect to wi-fi if both wifi and cellular data (therefore possible carrier charges since iPhone doesn't inform user nor indicate usage at point of usage) are turned on the iPhone is unable to download from Apple Store and is also unable to update any apps installed. This issue seemed to popup a few updates ago when it appeared the iOS update changed the auto login (or failed password security of previously released iOS updates) to Apple Store for updates and also messed with its logging completely out of Google which includes u-tube and others.

    This iPhone has never been connected to a computer for syncing or any other reason by means of cable connection. The only computer connections have been wi-fi or cellular for surfing Internet not saved data transfers. Such connection is coming for backup and factory reset although Apple makes saving notes etc very difficult and very time consuming except if attempt to put a full backup back on (is that complete with errors returned?)

    Remember the program for a pc which would collect the specs then you could save or print? Was a quick means to see processor, memory, vm, free space and so much more and look for discrepancies. Another one would print all the file names and their locations on the drives.

    A means of controlling picture display would be helpful. Let's say you are lost and your battery is very low. You receive no voice signal but are able to surf .009% as fast as baud dialup every 20 minutes trying to find jimmy johns delivery (and rescue) or map.

    Need to be able to tap somewhere to return to top of screen or search bar. This feature I just noticed is there but doesn't always work. Perhaps failure is related to finger tip warm/cold or moisture or need to use full finger.

    Keeps a separate bookmark file than within Safari. What occurs to bookmarks saved in app when app is uninstalled or updated? Can bookmarks be cross imported (back and forth between the two) or into iTunes?
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