Freedome: Browser-Fingerprints, Canvas Fingerprints, others



I'm interested in the new product Freedome for Windows. Besides the things F-Secure offers concerning this product I've a question. Does Freedome also helps to protect the PC and especially the users angainst browser fingerprinting and canvas fingerprints?




  • I've been learning about browser and canvas fingerprinting lately and is a legitimate concern of mine as well. It would please me very much if browser and canvas fingerprinting were discussed in more detail by the developers during their meetings and here on the forums. For instance, what are the limitations or roadblocks to implementing such a feature? How would it work? Anyway, I would be really happy if the feature could be escalated; that would be awesome!
  • Correct! This should be a subject for the F-Secure company to improve Freedome for more privacy and more freedom!

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