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Despite having renewed my f-Safe subscription, one of the five devices I have protected (my LG Nexus phone running the latest Google Android, Lollipop I think) says that my subscription has expired. Confusingly it also says I have over 300 days left! I can get to the screen on the f-secure page of the phone which allows me to enter my subscription key but when I do this I get the above message. I did think of uninstalling and re-installing but I can't seem to get it to uninstall. Can anyone advise me please?





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  • jamesBjamesB Posts: 4
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    Thanks Ben.

    I did uninstall and reinstall to no effect but I got in touch with a support rep. who fixed the problem.


    Apparently I had tried to put the key in too many times and that blocked any further attempt. Ok now.


    Thanks again




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