Why the big change in the database

five million virus definitions is remove from the database on January 19, 2015.


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    Will be interesting to read official answer about it....


    But just because there already was same situations (but not so biggest).. and before time-point, when my browser-tab goes be freezing to load all of current list....   first of signature-names looks like "outdated".

    And maybe there just else one "big" cleaning for oldest signatures (which can be already "double" by another signatures or be part of "modern signature").


    But in fact... all next/around updates list.. and my browser show it with "a lot of mistakes about name". Such as.. it's maybe can not be a valid signature with current name. As example there - https://www.f-secure.com/dbtracker/Aquarius/2015-01-21_04.html


    So.. maybe there can be mistake too... and not just a cleaning.

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    Removal of detections within the range of 1k-7k from time to time is expected as we will performing cleanup on file based detection which is no longer valid or if a generic detection has been able to cover those files. As for the 5 million detection removal, that was an issue on listing the detections, but they weren’t actually removed, just failed to list properly in dbtracker. This is now fixed and detections should appear correctly from Aquarius 2015-01-22_07 onwards.




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