Windows Home Server 2011 Anti-Virus

Hi, the Windows Home Server community is in need of a good supported anti-virus product. Could F-Secure provide such a product for the home user as the business server software is way too expensive. Or maybe offer a cut-down version of the business software for use with home servers.


  • Sami_VistiSami_Visti Posts: 56 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi TX2000,


    When Microsoft launched Windows Home Server few years back, we also introduced F-Secure Home Server Security product to provide antivirus protection for it. Since then we have discontinued the product due low sales.


    We are naturally monitoring how common Windows Home Server based solutions will become and based on that can reconsider to bring solutions for that operating system.





  • Sami_VistiSami_Visti Posts: 56 Former F-Secure Employee
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