I've just renewed my subscription for another year. I've been given the key but am unable to enter it.

When I right click the F-Secure icon in the system tray and then select view my subscription-nothing happens.

Can anyone help as to how to resolve this please.


Many thanks.


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Just want to create one of suggestion, because... probably you question related with F-Secure IS or with F-Secure SAFE. And not related with F-Secure Key (as another solution by F-Secure: secure password manager).


    Also from first... maybe you can to create support ticket for F-Secure Support/Care: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support/support-request


    It's can be helpful - if you have something about stuck-point with your situation.


    Your situation about "view my subscription" (which not available to use or open) can be related with one of next points (and it's probably popular trouble already under community-topics):


    -> It's can be re-designed with next versions of protection-solutions. Such as "things" about subscription planned to be more "user-based" - when he can to rule them (it's can be helpful for multi-device licenses).


    Maybe can be related your situation with "background of changes". And you just can to see... some kind of result.


    -> Maybe it's also mean... that if you have F-Secure SAFE solution (and not just F-Secure IS) - you available to use your My F-Secure Safe account and work with licenses/subscriptions (based on your e-mail).


    -> And if it's not possible to get normal view of work and add new subscription for you installation (if there F-Secure SAFE and you able to use your F-Secure Safe account web-page).


    Maybe can be helpful.... just a support-ticket with explanation about situation.

    And also... Sorry, but I really forget.. if there was another solutions.. when users comes with same trouble about "view my subscription and renewal process" recently.

    You can to re-check maybe some of topics. Under current part of community: http://community.f-secure.com/t5/Security/bd-p/Protection (which related with security-solution).


    Sorry again for my reply. Maybe there should be just an answer by F-Secure team and it will be more helpful and speedy.

  • pb1
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    i have tried to renew my security that runs out today and am having great difficulty in doing so as a virgin user i should be able to receive this for £25 please help


  • Ukko
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    Sorry again for my reply. Maybe there need to wait answer by F-Secure team or you can to try create a support-ticket (as letter with filled forms).


    But which "setting" you have on current time?!


    -> you have new license-key (key should be a secret for all, except you).

    Such as something like: "Words_wOrds_wordnumber" (of course.. it more visible as key)


    -> and F-Secure installation, which maybe should be prompted about expired license (previous one) and should be with button "Add new key" (such as renew subscription by new license-key)? it's can be under "Action center" (tray-picture right-click and Menu should be with Action Center-string).


    Or there something another?



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