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I'm using Freedome on my two Android devices. I just bought a yearly subscription in Google Play on the 5th of January. Now, Freedome for Windows (PC) has been released, and I would like to use it - without buying yet another new Subscription for at least 40€. Is there any way to do that?


The only guide I've found is saying that I have to cancel the Google Play subscription, wait for it to expire and then re-register on the F-Secure website (found here: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/freedome). However this would actually mean that I have to wait for 350 days - or pay twice for this year Smiley Sad Or am I missing something?


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  • yeah, i am interested also. I got the Offer to buy Windows for PC, since I'm a Freedome for mobile subscriber and Freedome for Windows beta tester, but as far as Google Play says, I can cancel my subscription yet still use it until next year, but:

    "All refunds are at the discretion of the app's developer, and all refund requests must be made directly with the developer. You'll find developer contact information by selecting the app in question on Google Play - on the details page, you'll find either a website, phone number or email address."


    So, am I just offered to buy Freedome for Windows for 3devices at a reduced price (which in a offer is the same as yearly subscription of Freedome for mobile) or I can transfer this yearly subscription from mobile to multi-platform one somehow. Since it's a bit double pay (cancel mobile subscription, don't get refunded > buy Pc + mobile subscription). Or I could get a refunded for mobile subscription and able to pay with this money for Pc+mobile subscription :)


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  • Hi rimeikis,


    just saw this, from yesterday:


    So I think F-Secure won't give us any refund... At least, we do have the offer of the reduced price as existing customers - but that seems to be all we can get.
    In my case, this means I pay 60€ for 1 year Smiley Sad


    Fun fact: I only did a 1 year subscription because I read that a Windows version is coming and I thought that's a reason for a long term subscription to support F-Secure... But hey, that's life (I think) Smiley Wink

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    Unfortunately we cannot refund App store / Google play purchases.
    You indeed understood the links and information correctly.
  • I think this is just really bad policy from F-Secure and shows fundamentals why just some companies doesn't come that big. If you really on this level how to work with already existing customers then I congratulate you. What I see here is that people are asking how they could give you more money but you're just saying sorry, nothing we can do. Im in the same situation and would like to expand my order to other devices but instead of that Im gonna delete my order and work with different ways...
  • On Freedome web page it says 30 days money back quarantee. How does that work because Im not happy and I bought it on the 12.1.2014?
  • Sorry obviously 2015.
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    Hello Ruupen27


    Cleverbridge AG is the F-Secure reseller and your partner for all purchases in our web store.


    The communication related to your purchase should include the information to contact them and request a refund.

  • Thank you. I will contact them asap.
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