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I have f-secure and have downloaded it onto my laptop.


I then sent an email from my f-secure safe portal to my device (iphone 5c) so that I could download it on there too. When I opened the email on my iphone and clicked download I was asked to identify my device as Mac, Android, Windows or Windows Phone. I choose android, name my device and click download.


It then opens a new browser tab, and show a screen with what looks like a download that I click (in evernote, which I have installed). I try to click on the link but it does nothing. The text says: f-secure-anti-virus-fo...AWW4-JHEPA_.mpkg

and below it says 24.7MB


Please can anyone tell me what I should do next?


  • Simon
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    The reason it asked you to identify your device as Mac, Android, Windows or Windows Phone is that SAFE is not compatible with iOS, so you can't install it on an iPhone or iPad.
  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply...


    Does it related with meanings.. that there anyway available to get F-Secure SAFE for iOS as separate application.

    And probably it can be same with Windows Phone version of F-Secure SAFE, which just a "safe browser".


    Also.. not sure. if it's can be critical, but with My Safe (as F-Secure SAFE account) I can to see.. that there Windows Phone called as "Windows Mobile", but solution comes for "Windows Phone" (or it's anyway same things)?

  • Simon
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    That's just for the SAFE Browser though, Ben, yes?
  • [Deleted User]
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    Yes Simon you are right.

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