F-secure cannot remove this (applic.etc) from our computer. F-secure prevents it from starting.

F-secure have cleaned our computer,but it keeps on announcing from attack.



  • Ukko
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    Sorry for questions.


    - Do you have experience with launch Full Scan by F-Secure (such as -> open Main Window of interface as desktop-picture or tray-picture opening, where goes to part "Tools" and there choose "Advanced Scan - Full").

    But before this.. with re-check settings about manual scanning (under "Settings", which also available from main window of interface and specific part of settings): check advanced scanning technologies and uncheck "just known types".


    - Can it's be.. that current detection about something, which goes under "autorun" (for example, can you re-check with "command line" - such as launch "Run" -> msconfig or by Taskmanager... about autorun - if there something wrong and some of "applications" can be suspicious for you.


    - Can it's be about any extensions or other around browser?

    And as additional - can you re-check "pictures" of browsers.. which you load by right-click (if there wrong link-address or with additional suspicious keys).


    - Can you just add "name" of files or directory... which related with current detection (it's can be available from log-report or from quarantine under Settings; or from Settings -> History of Removal / History of viruses and spyware).


    Sorry again for questions.



  • Simon
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    It may not be something which F-Secure is designed to remove, such as adware or 'PUPs' (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Try running a scan with Malwarebytes and see if that removes the problem.
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