Android SAFE: any plans to add features?

Are there are any plans to add some features to Android SAFE security app, eg:

- Backup data and settings to cloud and/or PC

- Block calls and/or SMS from unwanted numbers

- Get a picture from front camera send to your email (if stolen)

- Panic button to inform a person with your location in case of emergency

With these additional features, F-Secure SAFE would be our family’s choice for Android (and other devices).



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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640
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    Here are some answers to your queries, I'll try to update you on the other points when possible.

    Concerning a way to backup data  to the cloud and/or on PC, we already have Younited. 

    For more information refer to the product page.


    The SAFE client has a Call Blocker feature. We also had SMS Blocker feature, but due to modification at the Operating System level, on Android, version 4.2 and later, it's not anymore possible to block SMS messages.



  • Thanks Ben


    I missed to find the call blocker feature (though it must have been right there all the time, argh) but I've found it now. Very helpful!


    I am not sure how to back-up with F-Secure SAFE to Younited but maybe I also have missed here something. It would be good to have a button on the F-Secure mobile security app, which will back-up predefined settings and data to younited (and/or could do so on a regular basis).




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