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I have twice tried to contact online help about a couple of issues that I have.  Both times after entering the details I waited for the promised response.  Botyh times after 20 minutes I was disconnected without any further contact.  What is the point of a service that does not exist.


  • Simon
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    I can't comment on the Chat service, except to say that it appears to sometimes be a little bit hit and miss, from what we've seen on here. That said, we usually only get to hear when something doesn't go quite right, rather than when it does work well.

    Is there anything we might be able to help with on the forum?
  • weltonrussell

    Thanks for the moral support.  My point is that the Chat is pointless unless it happens or there are alternatives.  You are right that forums arely celebrate when good things happen but firstly these things are ones that should be  dealt with correctly first time, the second is that F Secure don't seem to give any alternative, aside from wading through a pile of posts that rarely seem to bear any eltionship to your own reality, let alone answer your question.  

    I did have a problem with a Sonos system that I purchased last year.  I was able to get quickly to talk to  areal person on line who diagnosed the issue less than 20 minutes after the call started.  It can be done.  If F Secure can't then someone else will.  If I can't be sure that the service I've paid for is working I'll move to one that will or is at least cheaper.

  • weltonrussell

    I hadn't spotted a Support ticket option, but now you've mentioned it I have found it, although it's not very obvious.  I'll give that a try.  Thank-you

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for current reply.


    Just want to add... that it's indeed.. usually answer can be around "speedy" (with "support-request"-steps).


    But with my experience... about latest five support-tickets (as letters and with confirmations about request with ticket-number, which I not re-ask later). I get just two answers (and it's comes after some days... not afte just one day during week). So... you should be ready for this too. Probably it's can be related with "theme" or another background... because some of my first support-tickets-experience... comes with response after some days and with good response.


    On current time I temporary stopped to use it (support-requests form).. so maybe there already stable-situation with stable-response. And usually my questions was not really so critical...



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