New riskware definitions - how long to update F-Secure Safe


I submitted a potentially dangerous file to your online checker as.   F-Secure Safe originally gave it an all clear.


I received an email advising that the following at around 1300


Thank you for your submission.


The file you sent was found to be Riskware. We will be detecting the sample you submitted as Application.Bundler.JU in the next database update.

It is recommend to manually delete the file as well.


Our latest database updates are available here:


How long does it take for these definitions to reach F-Secure Safe.  as currently it is 17:35 and scanning the offending file still fails to recognise it as riskware.


Thanks in advance


Tim Dutton


Edit just had an answer to my own question as F-Secure is now blocking it as riskware.


  • ravenstar68
    Hi Simon and thanks. TBH I did note the link in the email that was sent out as well. So I may use that if I really get worried Smiley Wink

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,634 Superuser



    Sorry for current reply.

    Just if it can be helpful in some of same situations..... you also can to track situation about "changes" (removing false-positives or adding new detections) with next link:


    With you "detection-name" probably related current scheduled updates:


    But... in fact... also can be situations, when result of detection can be more speedy (if it will be based on "online"/cloud-things during launch, when it's already planned to be released.. but not comes yet as "signature" for main engine) maybe. But maybe not. :)

    Anyway - current Dbtracker can be helpful for understanding.. if there already should be detection for sample or not.

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