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Why is there not a telephone sales line.... the web site is so poor you realy need to speak to some one - noting the same problem arose last year and could not get any sense out of Tech support on sales problems ending with no protection for tablet or Phone..


So suggestion for renewals page instead of simple like for like renewal change it to select number of PC's number of tablets number of Phones that way then I can protect my Desk top PC, Lap Top and two phones and one tablet.


It should be so simply yet ..... here I am back whereI started this time last year - how do I renew for £27. my PC without incurring a £56.00 charge for the phone and tablet... (or include the other family items) which I belive was only £30.00 last week.




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    guess I'll be doing a "what other products are out there" search again - like when I found F-secure in the first place - had hoped to get some sort of response but nothing... but if the company think double charging or changing the charging on a weekly basis (the renewels are showing a 60% discount to day but not for a mix of product..pc Tablet phone)

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    Hello Alienpirate,


    Sorry to hear that you encounter problems while renewing. Please refer to this article for help on how to renew.

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    totally missed the point - "like last year"



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    Why is it so difficut to do business with this company?


    I want virus protection fo a PC a Phone and a Tablet - they did do a package but how does one find it I Have just gone through the web site and got three different prices to renew exactly the same product - how can a company be so good at find viri yet so crap at simply selling products their existing clients need?

    Still no sign of response via their tech help line and no telephone number to talk to them....


    Guess they don't speak  or understand English... shame..

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