Service terminates when deep scan is enabled

I have a compatibility issue with the service CodeMeter (Controlle fro copy protection dongle).

When the deepScan is enabled (without compatibility mode) the Services goes into state "stopping" after a reboot. The service seems already being whitelisted by F-Secure (as stated by support).

Reprodcution sequence:

Have a WIndows 7 32 bit

Install F-Secure SAFE

Install RodeMeter rundime (from website

reboot the machine.

The servoce enters a state "stopping" and is not responsive any more.

Changing the deppScan to compatibility is not an option as many customers in the field are affected.


Question: Does DeppScan change something in the process space? the service as an own mechanism for integrity protection.


  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello @PeerWichmann ,


    Do you mean Deepguard? If so did you follow this article?


    PS: I moved your post to a more suitable board.

  • Yes it is Deepguard. Deepguard does not terminate the service. There is to be no log that Deepguard has taken any action.

    According to support the aplication is generically white listed.

    It only happens after reboot. If the service is killed manually and restarted manually it keeps running.

    Unfortunately it is not a viable option to get it running on a "specially tuned system" as the service is part of a protection systems for software and end users tend to have very little understanding if a "standard product" and a "standard antivirus product" do not co-operate

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    As you problem seems to require further investigation, could you please open a support ticket?


    Remember to provide a fsdiag of one of the affected machine in order to speed up the support process.

  • I certainly agree. That is where I started. After getting ticket FS-xxxxxxxx I was sent to the community for support. I will try again to open a correct support case.

    best regards


    Edit: Obfuscated ticket number to prevent privacy concerns

  • Chrissy
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    Hi PeerWichmann!

    Just wondering if you ever ended up getting a resolution after opening a support ticket? If so, would be great if you could share your solution here :)
  • tomwre
    tomwre Posts: 1 New Member

    We got this problem this month on almost every computer running CodeMeter service... deactivate DeepGuard (probebly not a good thing to do) solves the problem... Googled around about this issue but it seems to be a rear problem.  :-(

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