F-Secure SAFE detection tool dont work Windows 8.1

Hi all.

I have strange problem. On my computer dont work "detection tool" or i Finnish "puhdistustyökalu = cleanup tool"


No matter if i open it from the SAFE itself or download separate "online scanner"

It opens a blue "F" logo down to desktop but after that nothing happens.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times. Nothing seems to help.


Does anyone else have had similiar problems?

Thanks in adwance Risto


  • RipaRapa
    RipaRapa Posts: 3 Observer

    I looked the problem bit more and found out that Internet Explorers security settings caused the malfunction of the "detection tool". I put them back to default and tool worked just fine.



  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Ripapapa,


    Thank you for sharing your solution. 

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