I'm very sad, I have lost all my program thanks to a virus.


Hi all, I'm here and I'm very sad, I like F-secure 2012 it works good but this time it has failed, I opened what was supposed to be an adobe update, then every icon on my desktop started to show like deleted, then realized that it was truth, second by second every program running started to be killed, I checked c;\program files\ and yes every folder in there was being deleted, I tried to open F-secure 2'012 internet security and I got the message "service error or something like that" then it was just shut down, I restarted my computer and there was no F-secure in the system tray, I can't do anything I haven't even get rid of this threat,... malwarebytes was deleted and everytime I install it it got deleted again, I run hitman Pro with no score, Im trying to download super antispyware as a last chance to get rid of this threat, I'm a lill disappointed by the way I believe to be protected by F-secure internet security, I mean its okay if u got infected and etc but something that deletes almost everything on my computer is just wrong, where is the "Auto protect" function of F-secure, I'm really sad about it, I had already submitted the file with no response, can anyone give me a hand? =(


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    did you receive a ticket? What is the number?

    A quick guess from my side: "Bundestrojaner"-infection.


    What OS are you using?

    Did you apply all the Windows patches?

    What PDF Reader and version are you using?


    Do you still have a copy and/ors source for the PDF that you opened?


    Can you still boot into safe mode?

    Did you try the "F-Secure Rescue-CD 3.14" -> ftp-f-secure.com/support

    Could you scan the system from a second PC connecting the drive to a USB-adapter?

  • darko999

    Than you for your reply! I have Windows 7 64 bits edition, sp1 with latest updatest, I don't have the pdf file since id dissappeared just after I opened But I have the process file created bit it, it was in app data folder so I could make a copy and sent it to your team, I lost almost everything but I manage to get rid of by brute deletion of app data folder temp folder, I also had to run portable version of superantyspyware, my ticked id I think its this one "40954" 40954 2011-12-19 01:42:00
    By the way F-secure was partially deleted, the F-secure folder size is about 230MB since I think it was like 400MB it won't start anymore so I guess I have to re install? I hope you can improve its autodefense, I don't want to stop using F-seure since it was working great but I don't know if another av could save me from this one.!
    Thank you in advance!

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