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I recently purchased f secure internet security and have some questions about basic functionality.


1. Where do i turn on the setting to view the location of found virus/spyware?


2. This is the only anti virus software that hangs (while searching for viruses) if i leave my pc.. Is it possible to make it keep my pc/hdd/etc "up" after i turn off the monitor and leave?


3. After i cancel a search and it found some virus/malware. How do i locate those and delete them?

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    I think the answers to 1 and 3 are basically the same - if you open the main Computer Security screen, then go to Tools > Quarantine, that will show you a list of files which have been quarantined, and some options as to what you can do with them.  Also, you can view the Report after a scan and this will tell you more about what has been scanned.  Usually, F-Secure will deal with any infections itself, so you don't always have to 'do' anything.


    You can also go into Settings > Virus Protection > View Removal History to see what has been removed or blocked, and clicking the little arrow next to the date will give you the location of the file.


    I'm not sure what to suggest about question 2, but I think it sounds more like something to do with the power / sleep settings on your computer.  I've not come across the issue myself, but then, I don't very often do full scans, as I don't personally feel that there's really any need to do so.  A virus can do no harm just 'sitting' on your computer - the harm is done when the virus / malware is executed, and at that point, F-Secure would block it or remove it anyway.


    I will just point out that I am using a future beta version of FS Protection, and while the basic functionality is mostly the same as Internet Security, some of the above may be worded differently in your version, such as 'Computer Security' having been renamed as 'Anti Virus'.

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