How to switch of/disable html/web scanner

Recently, I have upgraded my f-secure antivirus software from version 8 to IS 2012. Since then all my files downloaded using jdownloader are corrupted. This is most visible while downloading archive files. Any archive file will produce ‘unexpected end of archive error’ during unpacking. I have downloaded number of [the same] files on two machines; one with f-secure IS 2012 and second with version 8.
All files downloaded on the computer running IS 2012 were corrupted.
All files downloaded on the machine running old version of f-secure, were OK.
I have reported this problem to f-secure, but so far I didn’t get any intelligent resolution.

It was suggested by jDownloader team, that I should add java.exe/javaw.exe into the trusted list of IS 2012, and for these two running processes you'll have to add correct rules to switch of/disable html/web scanner.

First bit was easy, but I am not sure how to to switch of/disable html/web scanner.

Thank you.


When I’ve said ‘upgraded’, actually I’ve uninstalled old version (F-Secure Client Security 8.01), using F-Secure uninstall tool and then installed IS 2012.


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    upgrading from Version 8 (what product?) to FSIS2012 is not supported. Old drivers may still be active now interfereing with the new technology of IS2012.


    Please run the ui-tool from and after the system rebooted check that the F-Secure folder is really gone!!!

    Then reinstall IS2012 and try to reproduce the problem.


    Please report back.


    Best Regards


  • Thanks, but when I’ve said ‘upgraded’, actually I’ve uninstalled old version (F-Secure Client Security 8.01), using F-Secure uninstall tool and then installed IS 2012. I am 100% sure that nothing was left from the old version, when I've installed the new one.

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    because it is very important to understand WHY/Where the conflict come from I recommend that you firts create a diagnosis file and submit that to support. Please post the received SR-ID here for reference.

    After that you might want to try disabling the module and reboot.
  • After exchanging several emails with f-secure customer support and trying to follow silly to no end instructions, finally I have found perfect solution. I have ditched f-secure internet security 2012 and bought avg internet security 2012 instead, and EVERYTHING is OK.

    Unfortunately I have found f-secure customer service very unprofessional and basically useless – in short total waste of time..

     So, if you want to use jdownloader stay away from f-secure.

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    Hello froggy,

    We are really sorry that  your experience of the support wasn't a smooth one and that we couldn't resolve the problem you had. We're putting our best effort to ensure the quality of our services, and try to provide the best support to every one of our client.


    Best regards,



  • That is actually what the support team does. They will try to help you with the best tool they have and if the problem is not solved, you can give some time for them to figure out what happened wrong.





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