fsec is not scanning properly, it scans 1 file and stops. it says its fully updated 18/12/12 pl help

Hi, I have f-secure mtnl pc protection. It says its up to date, but when I do a scan, it scans 1 ~ 36 files and stops. Even when I do a full pc scan and I have 4 drives [c,d,e,f.] it scans a few objects and stops and says scan complete no virus found. my computer has been hanging and becoming unresponsiive for a few days now and the antivirus is also not working. please help.


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    Hi Kitty,


    Is F-Secure MTNL part of your ISP security software package? If so, try  disabling the AV real time protection, and running the F-Secure Online Scanner, and see if it gets further than you have been able to go.


    Otherwise, do a scan with the free version of Malwarebytes, and see if that can scan all the way through or comes up with anything. This is done just to make sure it's not malware related.

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    What version do you use?


    You can see the version when making a right click on the Tray icon.


    Post it here.



  • I have the exact same issue, I am using F-Secure Internet Security for Windows. I'm running both MBAM and the online scanner suggested in the post by Kitty. So far the online scanner found nothing and MBAM is still running now, but so far nothing found.


  • siramic
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    Hi Rodrick,


    So at least the online scanner was able to complete a scan, as you and Kitty who could not get the installed version to do a full scan? Let us know what you end up with your MBAM scan.

  • I completed the whole scan and my problem seems to be Trojan.Krypt.


    It still seems to be active after I removed it with MBAM.

  • I performed a restore and this seems to have fixed the issue.


    Please keep the thread open in-case the bugger shows it's face again.

  • My F-secure 2011 scan was not working properly, it scanned one item and then stopped with the message "scan stopped". On the same day as trying to run the scan my PC hung 5 times, I also noted my PC was running much slower than usual. On investigation in the events log file it appeared that there were a large number of errors listed relating to F- Secure. I uninstalled the programme and installed F- Secure 2012 in its place. The system scan ran perfectly first time and my PC was back to its usual speed. I have no idea how the programme got corrupted but I suggest you try an uninstall and reinstall to see if it cures your problem.
  • That worked for me again, since the problem occurred a few minutes earlier.

    Everything is working fine now so I have no idea where the problem is that causes this incident.

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    I just downloaded and installed the latest version to fix this problem. I haven't used F-Secure for such a long time.image

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