F-Secure firewall and Windows Security Center

Hello everyone,


My F-Secure firewall is turned on and my Windows Vista Security Center reports that it's deactivated. The message was appearing with the ISTP48 and it's still appearing with the ISTP49.



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  • ppopoyyppopoyy Posts: 10
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    This case was not related to the F-Secure product. An issue on my computer has caused it. The problem has been resolved.





  • VilleVille Posts: 494 F-Secure Employee



    Could you report this as a bug through the CenterCode (beta.f-secure.com) system and attach the support tool output.




  • Hi,


    The message is still appearing with the ISTP49.5. A bug report was successfully submitted.


    Regards, ppopoyy.

  • Any news or update on this case? Has it been resolved yet?image

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