Riskware? Stop patronizing!

F-Secure Internet Security insists in wnting to decide which application you should use, and which not.

What they call "riskware" is blocked without asking, such as some of the nice tools of Nirsoft, which can be helpful in certain cases. Tis "knowbetterism" of F-Secure is going too far!

First the user should be given a choice to block it, or not. Then he should have access to a block-list, where he can unblock certain items.

Then there should still be a choice of where to install F-Secure. Version 2014 I could still install in a folder of my choice, but it did not update to 2015 because I had it in a special Folder. I had to uninstall 2014 and install 2015 wher it insists to go.

Concerns F-Secure Internet Security 2015 in Windows 7.


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  • I, furthermore, still do not trust putting a part of the firewall function in the cloud! Cloud are attractive to hackers (and the NSA too...). F-Secure should return to having its own firewall, like before, independent of Microsoft's.
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    You are able to Trust or Delete riskware.