My Beta FS Protection is not protecting me as per the status on the FS Protection portal.

Hi Fellow Macintosh Beta testers,


I have the latest update to FS protection Macintosh installed. I then want through the FS protection portal to download the software at . I then realized when I clicked on it my device which is a Mac Mini said still in big red letters that this device is not protected? Anyone on any advice on how to proceed? Thanks so much in advance.




  • pajp
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    does the "device is not protected" error appear on the FS Protection portal or in the installed software itself? (E.g. in the menubar drop-down menu or the main client window that appears if you select "Open fs protection")


    If the message come from the installed software, please run the Support Tool located in the "fs protection" folder, and create bug report on and we'll look into it.

    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure Technology, Mac Team

  • Enfcmedic384
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    Hey Pajp I restarted the computer and reset the PRAM. The software was then showing up as protected through the portal in FS Protection. I hope the new release today will be great. I look foreward to trying it out.

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