12 month subscription downgrades after restoring

Hello, I m using Freedome since 23.11.14 and I think this really the best program on the market. Thumbs up! But I installed the 12 month free version by using this code: K4KC4M After restoring my device it down grade my expiration date until the 16 of January 2015. I would kindly ask if you advice how I can get back to the 12 month version?Thank you in advance. For further questions don't hesitate to contact me at any time.Kind Regards,Curtis
Product: Freedome
Platform: iOS 8.1.2 iPhone Safari

Accepted Answer


  • Hi, I believe that code was leaked and they deleted it from their servers, so if you have restored your device now you have only the option to trial it or eventually buy. If you search the forum you will find other similar posts.
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