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I have had a "3 PCs 3 years" Internet Security license, and recently I received an email from F-Secure offering subscription renewal. I have two issues with regard to the message.


1. The offered price higher than the Global price?

  The email offers renewal to the same license as the current one (3 PCs 3 years) at 109.99 euros. This is more than the normal renewal cost of the Global price (89.95 euros). I don't understand this price setting...


2. Cannot even buy at the offered price?

  Anyway I tried clicking the offered price (109.99 euros). But surprisingly it led to F-Secure's online shopping cart with a price tag of 135.00 euros.


If this is a genuine message from F-Secure, I'm not satisfied with the offered price (1) and the action invoked via the message (2). If this is a fake message from outside of F-Secure, I'll have doubt in the company's security. Anyway there are no positive things found in the message.


I sent a similar complaint to the reply-to address, but there has been no answer. That is why I post this issue here hoping to get a comment from F-Secure.



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    Thank you for the comment.


    Your comment is marked as "accepted" while I have not accepted it. Interesting.

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