purchasing product in euros or dollars



I can't get any answers from support, email or chat.

I want to buy antivirus program. I'm presently in the us but live in Finland. Can I download and purchase a cheaper us product or do I need to pay more and buy it on fsecure.fi page? Language makes no difference to me.


Second question for private and work use as single entrepreneur is antivirus enough or should I get internet security?


See I'm not asking anything complicated and as a Finn would like to stick with F-Secure if I get the answers I need :)


Thank you!



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    Hello Susah,


    It is advised to download and purchase our software from the country where you currently reside. There should be no problem with using it when you change country later on or move back to Finland. 


    As for your usage and for home user, I would recommend our SAFE product so that you can cover all your devices easily. You can even try it for free.


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    thank you!

    so can I buy this it's the same product?



    I have an f-secure licence through a store for my other laptop for 1,5 years still and now I have a second laptop. Do you think  I should buy one year licence now and then combine those two?  Currently I only need to protect my laptop, no other devices. Is the safe product still best and most price efficient for me? I also have another cloud service already.

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    You can check out the difference between the two products on this page.

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