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Hi, I have f- safe through virgin media, I have installed on my pc and my husbans pc, on mine I have the options to scan etc. but on my Husbands pc I only get a message that all is OK. how do I get his to have the same controls and be able to scan etc.? there are 3 more licenses I wish to use on the childrens laptops but is there any point if they cannot be scaned 

. thanks for any advise you can give.


  • Many thanks for reply.

    I found that the little f-safe icon that came up ay bottom of screen had options for account or subscriptions, etc,  clicked on subs and it showed it was not installed on said pc and the option to install also. problem now sorted and fully working. I know now what to do on other laptops.


  • Simon
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    Glad It's sorted. :)
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