Virgin Media customers Exclusive offer F-Safe 1 Year 5 Devices Renew subscription of £25,00

F secure sent Email to renew your subscription with
Exclusive offer for Virgin Media customers F-Safe 1 Year 5 Devices for £25,00 Instead of £79,99

When you click on the link it takes you to F secure safe where I then log into My Safe, I then click the renew now button and it takes you to my cart which displays the cost F-Safe 1 Year 5 Devices for £79,99 and not £25,00 ????     I have tried clicking on Checkout and it just takes you to next order information requiring address and credit card detail and still does not state reduced cost of £25




  • rft
    rft Posts: 1

    same here - any help appreciated - producr seems ok but not paying £79 for it

  • jmc1001
    jmc1001 Posts: 2 New Member

    I have spent over an hour trying to renew my subscription and the system is still trying to charge me £79.99!  Online chat is closed,   Very frustrated.  What am I supposed to do?

  • For what its worth I am having the same problem.  The cover is a bargain at £25 but not at 80. 

  • Yep me too, having same issues. If this is not resolved I will go elsewhere as there are some decent deals around at moment

  • Yep having same problem. My subscription actually expires today and also the offer of 25 expires so if I can't resolve this today looks like I'm loosing out on this offer. So if there is anyone out there that knows how to get it for 25 please please let me know. This Is a real bummer as I can't talk to anyone on line either
  • Same problem but went through and I paid - I trusted them to only charge £25! but invoice  shows £79.99. Virgin washing their hands of problem and you cant speak to f-secure either. Disgusted!. I'm cancelling and going elsewhere.


  • Captain_Daveman
    Captain_Daveman Posts: 3 Observer

    I had this problem, it wasted the best part f the day.  I have just been in via Virgin Media, Internet Security, F-Secure, My Account, Renew.   Because I could not get the year I went to two years and got that for £44 down from £129 I think.

    This was an even better deal than the one year deal and saves even more. This only took about 20 mins to do and all  is now sorted for 2 years.


    Hope this helps

  • Many thanks-will certainly consider.
  • Shekinah98
    Shekinah98 Posts: 1 New Member

    I have just had the same problem.  Cant seem to renew for the Virgin media price instead the cost is listed as £79.99.

    Dont know what to do as cover ends today. Live chat is closed. Guess the only option is to report issue to virgin.


  • Same things just happened to me tried to call them but closed tried to chat the same spoke to Virgin media explained renewal date expires at the end of today ..... Thought it was just me ...
  • I have had the same problem with not being able to renew for £25. Like someone else on here I changed the option form 12 months to 24 months and the price dropped down from the standard £79.99 to £44. better deal than the £25 as it works out at £22 a year  (not £25) but really annoying if you were only planning to renew for 12 months or can't afford the £44. not really good enough

  • MissJ
    MissJ Posts: 1

    I am having the same problem today as a Virgin Media customer trying to renew my F-Secure subscription for £25.  Feeling very angry and disappointed with Virgin Media and F-Secure, and now considering taking my business eslewhere if I F-Secure do not resolve this matter within the next 24 hours!             

  • Thankfully, I have received an email from F-Secure (within 2 hours), confirming £79.99 refunded on my credit card although could take 5-7 days. No apology. No response from Virgin media. 

  • I had the same problem yesterday when my subscription ran out and couldn't contact anyone.  Even spoke to Virgin who said I'll put you throught to F-Secure knowing they were closed!  However, having tried again this afternoon it is now showing the correct discounted rate of £25.  So worth revisiting the site to check again.

  • Chrissy
    Chrissy Posts: 406 Active Engager

    Sorry to hear so many of you had this difficulty with renewals, especially during the holiday season.  I can't be sure where the problem originated, but clearly there was a mistake made somewhere, and it seems to be fixed now.


    Again, sorry for the inconvenience it caused, and have a safe and happy New Year!


    // Chrissy

  • I have managed to renew the payment part of this offer, but I can't get it to renew on my laptops. Have asked for help but it seems F-Secure is too busy. Can someone help.

  • DrFox
    DrFox Posts: 1

    I too have managed to renew the payment part of this offer, but I can't get it to renew on my laptop. 


    Any advice out there?

  • PRL
    PRL Posts: 4 Explorer

    Have a look at below it may help


    I have renewed my F-Secure SAFE subscription but my product license is not updated. What do I do?


  • Captain_Daveman
    Captain_Daveman Posts: 3 Observer

    Hi Chrissy


    The problem on the 1 year deal actually did me a favour. I then went for the 2 year deal which worked out in total as less cost per year than the 1 year deal.

  • elsie123
    elsie123 Posts: 2 New Member

    Hi I am having the same problem - I am a Virgin media customer and my renewal price on the e.mail I have been sent is the offer price of £25 for 5 devices for a year but when I log in to my Fsecure account the only option is to pay £79.99 - please can someone sort this out - it is very frustrating and time consuming trying to find out what is wrong all I want to do is renew - thankyou.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @elsie123,


    I would recommend to open a support request regarding your enquiry, as our team would check your account details and troubleshoot further.

  • elsie123
    elsie123 Posts: 2 New Member

    Hi Laksh,


    Thank you, Yes I utilised FSecures facebook page to make contact and sent in a support request yesterday morning but as yet have only had a standard acknowledgment e.mail back, I will give it a couple of days and see if I get any joy, but I also have a telephone number now as well so will be ringing if nothing happens, also noticed that my PC renewal date is different to the notice that keeps popping  up on my daughters laptop by 14 days but covered under same Fsecure account! 

  • Woody3
    Woody3 Posts: 1 New Member

    hello I am having this same problem, could you let me know how to solve it! 





  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Woody3,


    Have you tried to contact our Support team regarding your issue? Please open a support request so that they can check on your account regarding the renewal issue.

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