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Can anyone help?

I have been trying for over a week to in stall the Super safe Boost supplied by TalkTalk. It fails every time at 75% requiring a reboot, which then restarts and fails again at 75% when removing Norton 360.

I have run the Norton uninstallation tool, several times, even in safe mode. I have searched the whole PC including the registry for any Norton or Symantec files. All gone but still falls down at 75%.

I have tried to attach the support tool report:- fsdiag, in the hope it may shed some light on the problem, but that doesn't seem possible, where can I do that?

Any advice would be greatfully received, I am at my wits end!





  • Ukko
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    Basically... if TalkTalk Super (?!) have support... maybe they have some kind of specific support form, where you able to attach fsdiag?!

    Or if there should be support by F-Secure.... so.. you able to attach fsdiag under your ticket with current link/form probably:



    And also.. do you have experience between "tries" about specific uninstaller for current security suite already (after cleaning for Norton/Symantec).

    Such as.... which can be provided by TalkTalk Super Safe Boost (such as "Uninstaller Tool");


    If there without something same.. maybe you can to try use F-Secure (original one):





    Or you mean that... it's anyway goes be detection for Norton/Symantec during installation (and does not matter that you already with cleaning around anything?!).

  • spexman
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    Thanks for the feedback Ukko, the anti virus software 'Super Safe Boost is an Fsecure product produced under license by TalkTalk as was the 'Home Safe' its AV predecessor. That's why I find myseld here on the Fsecure forum.
  • Ukko
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    Yes, I understand current situation (such as.. search it before suggestions). :)

    Simply my first suggestion was about fsdiag and F-Secure Support page. And I thought.. what if it will be wrong suggestion.... because.. what if TalkTalk have separate support service about "solution".

    So.. it's mean.. that fsdiag can be attached and available to create ticket for analysis (with description about situation) under previous link. It will be ticket-number and etc.

    But I not sure.. if there can be trouble-point about "version" of solution (such as TalkTalk one).


    What about other words.... I can to think that... what if there already stuck about "previous tries for installation F-Secure" and there can be helpful to use F-Secure Uninstallation Tool (I think it should be work for TalkTalk version too, but if not.. maybe TalkTalk have separate tool about same action).


    But if there.. after that... anyway stuck with Norton-prompt (such as "required" to remove it)... it's need to wait answer by F-Secure team (such as - analysis fsdiag) or re-check about "what can be with stuck-status" about Norton. If there another reasons for stuck around "known percent"-step...  also can be helpful response by F-Secure team (Support) or TalkTalk team (Support) after analysis fsdiag.. or if there known trouble (about configuration). As additional - can be there any other security software installed (not default firewall or something else)?


    Sorry for my current reply!


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hey spexman!

    Any luck fixing this, or did you provide an fsdiag to Support? Just wanted to check in on you!

    Happy New Year, btw :)
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