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Is there a better place to leave feedback regarding the trial/beta of the Windows version of Freedome?


Anyway, so far, I've had a mixed time of it. The first machine it didn't install, since it was XP SP3. Moving swiftly on, I installed it on a Win7 laptop. This went well, and I'm posting from it now.


I've had various issues connecting to the different proxys. I tried Amsterdam first, but it failed to connect. I wasn't too impressed to find that it had failed silently too - I didn't know until I looked. I'd prefer it if I was alerted to the proxy disconnecting, and I'd also like an option that I could click so that there was no network traffic allowed if the proxy wasn't able to set up a VPN channel, at least until I confirm that I was OK with it being turned off.


I've just had to try a dozen times to connect to different proxies. The one in London connected instantly, once, but failed several times, as did Stockholm and Amsterdam (which I was interested in testing) after all these failures I also tried the USA, but that also failed. Eventually I managed to run a few tests which confirmed it was working just fine. (This was over a domestic British Telecom connection over wifi and ADSL)


It actually seems faster than working without the VPN, so that's good.


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    Hi NKT!

    Thanks for your feedback! I'd say this is probably the best place for that kind of feedback, as the Freedome product management/development teams read through this board regularly :)

    and since I haven't had a chance earlier, welcome to the Community, and thanks for all your helpful activity! ... and Happy New Year!


    // Chrissy

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