Get small but genuine application trusted too from small developers.

I'm the developer of FileOne organizer software and F-Secure sometimes sees my software (FileOne.exe) as W32/gemini malware. 


Such message scares my customers of course and might give me a bad name. I do not sell malware/spyware/trojans etc etc.  I would shoot myself in the foot if I did.


How can I get my application trusted with F-Secure as a small developer. I'm not the only one that sells Shareware using trusted established sites like Tucows, CNet and SoftPedia.


Another approach would be to use a message that is less offending to me (as a developer) and less scary for my customers instead of the generic Malware/win32/gemini message. Potential customers might refuse the application, might report it as malware while it is not and it might bring my business down I'm trying to start.


Please help.


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