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I recently signed up for a 12 month trial of VPN from black friday, the code was (purposely edited) F...NRA.  This was working on my Android tablet, however due to the slowness when Android 5.0 was pushed out, I needed to revert back to an older version.  Once I did so, the code was no longer valid.  Is there a way to recover this?

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  • pegunpegun Posts: 6

    5 days without a response. Wrote an email to the fsecure team, rated lower than I would have liked to in the survey presented.


    Any answers here?

  • pegunpegun Posts: 6

    1 week, any updates?

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello pegun,


    Sorry for the delay in the reply.

    Do you still use the same account? Did you try restoring purchase from the account?

  • pegunpegun Posts: 6

    Hi Ben,

    Yes, when I restored my tablet I used the Google play store to download the VPN client from my purchased apps. When I downloaded it again, it only installed the demo version which is now in expired trial mode.

  • pegunpegun Posts: 6
    Two weeks without an answer beyond "are you using the same account"? Come on guys.
  • pegunpegun Posts: 6

    Works great, thanks Ben.

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