Ipad iOS 7 "On Demand Control " not working

Hello, I have followed the directions to set up manual control. When I first turn freedome off in settings, it goes to not connected, as expected. However, it ALWAYS comes back on in approximately 30 seconds or less. I'm using my home.wireless at the moment and no packets are being sent or received. I would greatly appreciate any and all efforts to help me either understand what's happening or correct this issue!


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    Hi Songsmyth!

    Just wanted to check in on your issue, since there hasn't been any replies or updates - are you still having this problem, or have you found some way around it?
  • Songsmyth
    Hi Chrissy,
    Thank you very much for the reply. Unfortunately, I seem to be going the other way now. I did manage to turn off the system, I had just not gone deep enough in the "Settings" menu to turn it off.

    However, twice in the last month after enabling it to conduct secure business, I realized it was no longer engaged. In neither instance could I tell wether or not it had been on during the time I needed it to be on.

    I'll keep my eyes on it for a little while and let you know. It doesn't inspire great confidence in either event!

    Again, thanks for following up on this. Cheers,
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