Moving up from XP to 7

After going through the ordeal <<xp to vista to 7>>  most of my shortcuts are no longer valid.


Is there a manual .exe in the Progams/FSecure folder to open the program and attempt to make corrections once FSecure (2011) is up and running.  Thanks!!


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    Just to understand.


    You did upgrade you XP by installing Win7 on top?


    Wouldn't have done that as it is bound to have issues.


    I would recommend you remove F-Secure as you will not recover all the links. You might even need to go to the registry and delete stuff from there. And install latest version once old version is gone.


    Unistall tool might work but it could fail to remove all because of the upgrade


    If you can make a clean installation of WIN7

  • There will be issues for sure.<G    Actually FSecure is the only problem child....but quite understandable given it's continual review of active processes.


    I was hoping a quick and easy removal tool would pop up if I could get FSecure up and such luck.<G


    Uninstall tool doesn't appear to be working.  I'll poke around the Fsecure Knowledgeware to see if there's a similiar incident with some details for a manual remove as well as files to go in the registry. 


    I'm paid for a couple of more years, so I'd had hoped to do a quick remove and clean install.


    Thank you very much for your response!



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