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I'm running Windows 7 & use Charter Security Suite, F-Secure. When I run the scanner it shows I have a virus in C:\swsetup\ISOs\Vision Diagnostics.OSO  & F-secure can't rid the virus. I need some suggestions please. My pc is just one yr. old & I do have another yr. of warranty on it. I hate to have to do a system restore, but will as last resort.


I also ran the on line scanner that F secure has listed on their site & it shows NO maleware/adaware, but I noticed it only scanned about 1/4 of my files.


If I try to delete this file will that get rid of this virus?


Thanks, Janis


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  • JanisJanis Posts: 2

    Thanks for your help & reply...Yes, I do have an HP pc. I wondered if this was the problem "false positive" being the computer runs fine & nothing has slowed down, all seems fine in that aspect.  Not to mention that  the quick clean & a couple other on line {one time} programs I ran showed no virus at all.


    Again, thank you,

    Janis DeGouff

  • Your welcome, and thank you for getting back to us. Glad all is well. Smiley Happy



  • decha18decha18 Posts: 2
    my code in f-scure reading false,so i'm can't exit, etc bla....
  • decha18decha18 Posts: 2
    so,and my email in service security code,'no account'....???im confused
  • Jari-PJari-P Posts: 79 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi decha18,


    Please contact our technical support, so we can help you with your keycode problem.


    Click here to contact our support.

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