"Your computer is not protected"

I get the message:

"Your computer is not protected

There's a problem with real-time scanning." 


My subscription is valid.


Please tell me how to fix this, I haven't been able to find a solution anywhere.

Edit: It's on a Mac.


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    We really need more information. Please open the user interface and select "Support Center".

    Provide us the information from "Product version" and "Os version".


    Also, if you open "Terminal" and type "sudo uname -a", at the prompt what is the output displayed (paste here).

    Thank you!


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    Product version: Yousee Sikkerhedspakke 2010 (B9871.C9027)

    OS version: OS X 10.7.2 (11C74)


    Darwin iVOs.local 11.2.0 Darwin Kernel Version 11.2.0: Tue Aug  9 20:54:00 PDT 2011; root:xnu-1699.24.8~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

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    You're running with OSX 10.7.2 (Lion) with a 64-bit kernel and the Anti-virus build is b9871 which is the first one to officially support this combo, meaning no problems here. 


    Meaning, we need to look under the hood, so please create a support ticket and attach the diagnostics file fsdiag.tar.gz. to the request. To create this file use "Support Tool" from -> Finder -> Applications -> <ISP name> Support Tool


    You can submit the ticket here.

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    I suspecting there is a bug in the firewall software for F-Secure Mac Antivirus. 


    I have reported the issues on my past beta test. 


    The details can be found here.




    This is case problem which I have raised a couple of months back right after the product released.


    This is a known bug with F-Secure for Mac Antivirus, when you check System Preferences, the Mac OS X 10.6.7 Firewall did not have the Option of "Block All Incoming Connection" and "Enable Stealth Mode" turned on.


    If you were to enable the "Block Incoming Connection and Enable Stealth Mode". 


    F-Secure for Mac will go "Your Computer is Not Protected."


    The ealier beta test version was okay. 


    I suggesting strongly to F-Secure to fix this issues immediately.


    It can cause security problems with a Mac OS X!



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    So.. I sent in the ticket a week ago+. 

    I still haven't got an answer, how long does it usually take? 

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    Did you include your FSDIAG when sending a ticket??


    If you did not done so you can send another ticket to them again. 


    They might require the FSDIAG to do the troubleshooting. 


    Here is a list of steps which you can do with the FSDIAG.


    Read the link below under Number 21.




    It would take a while to do it.


    Once it is finished. It will appear in the Desktop Screen.


    Go the link again to create the ticket.


    And submit your concerns.


    And click on the Choose File and send you FSDIAG file to them for analysis. 




    You can try the Online Chat.




    Try it after Christmas Holidays.


    Keep your ticketing number handy. 


    They might require that as well. 




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    Alternatively you can call them directly...




    Call F-Secure support


    Country Language Service hours*) Phone number
    United KingdomEnglishMon-Sun 24-h service0870 0130 794
    United States and CanadaEnglishMon-Sun 24-h service866-295-2725
    Asia/Pacific (Malaysia)EnglishMon-Sun 24-h service+60 3 7712 4605
    AustraliaEnglishMon-Sun 24-h service1300 195 516
    BelgiumFrench and DutchMon-Fri 8-1802 256 66 60
    DenmarkDanishMon-Fri 8-1770 20 41 51
    FinlandFinnish and EnglishMon-Fri 8-1809 8862 5050
    FranceFrenchMon-Fri 9-18017 303 65 43
    GermanyGermanMon-Fri 9-19069 669 831 31
    Hong KongCantonese, EnglishMon-Fri 9-183071 4907
    ItalyItalianMon-Fri 9-18199 400 048
    NetherlandsDutchMon-Fri 9-18020 5040608
    NorwayNorwegianMon-Fri 8-1722 419 890
    PolandPolishMon-Fri 9-1822 356 1946
    SwedenSwedishMon-Fri 8-1708 507 440 11
    SwitzerlandGerman, French and ItalianMon-Fri 9-18084 220 40 80
    All other countriesEnglishMon-Fri 8-18 EET+358 9 8862 5050
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    I have forwarded your concern to the Tech Support Team.


    Keep me posted if they have fix the issues here.


    Let me know the outcome. 



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    Hello, my problem is similar to IvanC's, except in my case it says my virus defs are out of date, but when I try to update them, it says they're already updated. I also tried using your online Healthcheck tool. It says it takes a few mintues - but it ran for 20-30 minutes without ever completing the process.
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    If you are using a Mac, I recommended that you follow the steps that I mentioned above and submitted to the Tech Support Quickly! (Make sure before you submit your concerns and also you are required to submit the FSDIAG together with the online form)


    It would take a while for the Tech Support representative to response to your email.


    You can also try their Online Chat Support.


    That goes the same to the PC (windows).


    The online healthcheck is meant for Windows platform only. 


    See http://download.sp.f-secure.com/hc/2.2/f-secure/rtm/web2010/html/systemreq.html?language=en


    It is not recommended to use it on a Mac. (see the system requirements for details before using it)




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    The F-Secure Online HealthCheck is okay at my end.


    Have your windows Java updated and try to use a Chrome Browser. 


    Remember to take note off the Online HealthCheck is only applicable to Windows platform only.


    It is not meant for Mac OS X.


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    I tried with F-Secure Online version 4.2 seems to work perfectly at my end with Microsoft Internet Explorer.


    F-Secure Online version 4.2 only runs on Windows.


    It takes a longer time to download the files. 


    For Windows Security, you can try out the known Microsoft Baseline Security which you can downloaded from Microsoft.


    For my case I used Secunia occasionally. (Some experience Security Users are using these.)


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    I have a pc,. not a mac.


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    So you are a PC user...


    So Am I.



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    The original post is about steps for MAC users so you can probably ignore that steps. Personally I think MAC users are less vulnerable from online threats then a PC so I wouldn't worry too much. 

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    A bug from Mac Antivirus that need fixing!

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