Deleted or corrupted Microsoft windows 7 O S

Downloaded new F Secure provided via Virgin Media went to start my desk top a Acer with Windows 7 operating system can't get past the start up repair window. Paid £35 for technical help and they are unable to help and just confirm the operating system has been corrupted or deleted. Tried all the F8 , delete as starting but to no avail I now have a desk top that was working well but I can't currently use! Hoping PC world can help. Only used F Secure on advice of Virgin!!! Sky is looking good!!


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    Presumably you can't get into Safe Mode, given that you've said you've tried all F8 options?  When you say you paid £35 for technical support, who was that to?  Unless I've been living on another planet, as far as I am aware, F-Secure's technical support is free, so it might be worth raising a Support Ticket with as much information as you can give.


    FWIW, F-Secure installations do not usually corrupt Windows, but things can go wrong if, for example, the previous security product wasn't removed properly.  I'm not assuming that's the case here, but we have had several threads where people have had difficulties when Virgin Media Security hasn't been removed fully, and subsequently conflicts with FS.  There's a Sticky Topic which you might want to refer to, but I don't think it will help with your current situation.  Smiley Sad

  • virgin media technical support thought they would be the obvious choice because I only used f secure because of Virgins letter which of course may be a con! I was quite happy with my mcafee. I didnt uninstall it as i assumed f secure program would there was certainly no instruction. my choice was 20 set up and 5 per month or a one off fee. have tried recovering my Acer computer but that doesnt work either! anyway looks like it is too late!

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    Hi, Richyking!


    Im sorry to see that you have big problem with your computer.


    As Simon mentioned in the previous post, when there still is an installation of another security product on the computer while installing F-secure the programs come in conflict with each other and can create a mess.

    Have you tried to fill out the support request that Simon mentioned and see if the F-secure support is able to help you?(F-secure support is free)


    If they have tried to solve the problem but didnt succeed try to contact the Acer support and see if they have an solution for you.

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